Shipping Policy

Items will be shipped within 1 or 2 business days after confirmation of payment for your order.
The preferred method of delivery will be Correio Verde or Correio Verde Internacional and other options may be considered depending on the content of some orders, for example being too bulky or exceeding 2 kg in weight.


Due to the current situation of Covid-19, it is not possible for us to deliver the order at CTT counters, so for the time being the tracking system will not be available.


Hexatronics is dedicated to offering its customers the best experience. This extends to the exchange and return policy, where there is an effort to meet any and all needs of the Client.

Before purchasing a good, keep in mind that when it comes to Contract Resolution (Returns) there are elements in Portuguese Law that differentiate a distance purchase (online and receivable at the address via the carrier) from a purchase made / collected directly in space commercial.


For distance purchases (online and receivable at the address via the carrier), Portuguese law establishes a 14-day period for consumers (commonly known as a reflection period) after taking physical possession of the goods, during which they can return the item (s). item (s) without the need to indicate a reason, as long as the equipment seals are not violated or the equipment has a mark / damage in use.
In cases of free Contract Resolution, the return shipping costs are borne by the consumer, as stipulated in paragraph 2 of article 13 of Decree-Law no. 24/2014, of 14 February.


Although returns / exchanges are accepted within the first 14 days of distance shopping (as described above), returned goods will only be accepted if they strictly respect the following conditions:

    1.1. The returned item must be intact and without any marks / damage from use or removal of films.
    1.2. You must return the item along with its packaging, manuals and immaculate accessories.
    1.3. Together with the returned item, you will have to attach the invoice containing the same item.
    1.4. Hexatronics will have the right to evaluate and make a decision regarding its acceptance.

In case of violation of any of these points, we will not be able to accept the return (and the consequent refund) or exchange.


Except for technical anomaly, there are articles that by their nature cannot be accepted for returns / exchanges.

    2.1. Exchanges or returns of earphones / headphones / headsets, batteries, power banks, batteries, memory cards, external disks, consumables, software, hardware and accessories for consoles are not accepted.
    2.2. Exchanges or returns of televisions, laptops, mobile phones, smartphones, smartwatches or tablets that have broken brand packaging are not accepted.


If you want a refund, it will be done by the same way as the initial payment, excluding shipping and any fees charged for payment services.


Use the contact form on this website, Customer Support.
Once the item is in compliance, the cost of the return shipping costs is borne by the consumer.


Items sold by Hexatronics in its online store are covered by the legal guarantee regime. Before purchasing a good, keep in mind the following points described on this page:

    Hexatronics is merely a distributor;
    All products sold by Hexatronics are not manufactured by Hexatronics. At the time of sale, Hexatronics passes to the Customer the guarantee for this (these) product (s);
    Some products are marked with a warranty period longer than that stipulated by law, which is 2 years for final consumers. After 2 years, the warranty process must be handled directly between the Customer and the manufacturer;
    Situations in which the purchaser, legal or natural person is a professional user, that is, destines the acquired goods for a professional use (industrial, services, etc.) the guarantee of the movable property is 6 months, according to Decree-Law nº47 344, of November 24, 1966.
    On portable computers, each manufacturer can offer only 1 year warranty. Consult us before purchase to be sure of the warranty period of the laptop battery you are looking for;
    In case of difficulties in the installation / use of any product, start by making sure that you are following all the instructions contained in the Manufacturer's Instruction Manuals, namely on the installation and use of the appropriate software.

If the problem persists, contact the manufacturer directly or contact our technical department;
    In cases of RMA, Hexatronics is committed to giving its best so that its product can be exchanged as quickly as possible, however the Customer must bear in mind that the process does not depend exclusively on the seller (Hexatronics). All products that enter our RMA facilities are tested and shipped as soon as possible. Thereafter, the process becomes the responsibility of manufacturers and suppliers;
    In the case of discontinued products, the exchange may be made for a product equivalent or superior to that currently on sale, however, this exchange is exclusively the responsibility of the supplier / manufacturer. A credit note may also be made so that the customer can later purchase another item (s) in our store;
    RMA orders are made using the form indicated below or in our reserved Customer area. Failure to comply with the procedures described in this section will lead to the return of the product at the expense of the Customer;
    Please note that any changes to the original product VOID THE WARRANTY. For example: removal of stickers with a serial number or other type of label related to the warranty, adulterations caused by VMODS, incorrect installation of sinks in graphics and memories, processors and motherboards with broken / crooked pins, incomplete products, etc. In all of these cases the RMA is immediately REFUSED;
    Regardless of whether the equipment is warranted or not, whenever it is received for repair and no damage is detected, or if it has been caused by incorrect use, a fee may be charged to cover logistical costs;
    In no event will Hexatronics be liable for any partial or total loss of data, programs or software installed on products delivered for repair;
    The deadline for collecting equipment for repair is 90 days after document registration, otherwise, the material is considered abandoned under the terms of article 1267 / 1a of C.Civil, so Hexatronics is no longer responsible for the integrity of the equipment. From the moment that it is considered abandoned, the holder is obliged to pay as a penalty clause the amount of 2.5 Euro for each day of delay in the withdrawal. After 3 years from the date of the respective document and, under article 1299 of the C .Civil, the material will become the property of Hexatronics by way of adverse possession. In case of debt, Hexatronics has the right to retain all material on its premises until it is fully paid off.
    If not indicated, it will be returned, where it will be necessary to place a new order.
    Hexatronics is concerned with the right to refuse requests for 2nd Invoice to open the repair process, and it is mandatory to keep it until the end of the warranty period.


The cost of transporting the damaged material.
Damage caused by misuse or abuse.
Damage caused by transport outside the original packaging.
Damage caused by poor protection of equipment.
Equipment opened by entities foreign to Hexatronics.
Equipment that has undergone attempts to repair, or even repair, outside of our assistance services.

That said, Hexatronics makes no warranty, nor is it responsible for equipment damaged by poor handling, installation or configuration. Any change to the original product also voids the warranty.